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Everything is included with our monthly service.

No hourly rates. No unexpected bills. Get more for less!



We utilize "continuous accounting". Your transactions are input daily, so your books remain up-to-date. As a result, we can provide timely, tailored advice based off your most recent performance.

Financial Report

Monthly Reports

You'll get a customized report each month to show your business' performance, current trends, and areas we're working to improve.

Bankruptcy Filing

County Tax Filings

Many owners overlook the annual business property tax return and end up paying taxes on assets disposed of years ago. We'll ensure you don't overpay to the county each year!

Desert Road

Unlimited Support

You'll never be afraid to get the advice you need because you'll never be billed by the hour. Take advantage of unlimited phone and email support!

Signing Check

Payroll & HR

Included: Direct deposit, Biweekly Tax Deposits, Quarterly Payroll Filings, Annual Tax Filings, W-2s, 1099s. We'll manage on-boarding your new employees & provide HR support!

Financial Report

Quarterly Financials

You'll receive quarterly financial reports comparing current business performance with prior years. Charts and graphs make it easy to understand where you stand.

 Scales of Justice

Industry Comparison

You'll receive customized guidance comparing all areas of your business performance to other similarly-sized dental practices. Just one advantage of a Dental CPA!


Planning Meetings

In addition to all of the ongoing support via phone and email, we'll meet at least twice each year: once at tax returns time and again later in the year to discuss tax planning.

Book of Laws

Tax Returns

The business income tax returns plus the county unsecured business property tax return are included. There will never be an additional bill for these important tax filings. Everything you need is included!

Flexible Payment Planning

Tax Planning

We'll work together throughout the year to focus on reducing your tax bill, and projecting for any required tax payments. You should never be surprised by a tax bill!

Dental Tools in Pocket

Dental Tax Strategy

Tax law changes all of the time, and having a Dental CPA is your best bet to ensure you're taking advantage of all tax deductions and credits, and reducing the risk of audit flags!


Business Filings

You won't need to worry about completing all major business filings. This includes the annual Secretary of State filing, your Workers Comp Audit, and 401(k) Plan filings.

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