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My experience has been beyond excellent! If you are looking for someone who has integrity, honesty, and is detail-oriented, Dave is your CPA. I can't imagine operating my dental practice without him.

Kimberly Anderson, DDS

After having the same CPA for many years, we transitioned to Dave Sholer nearly 2 years ago. We're so impressed with Dave and his attention-to-detail and quick response to any question that may arise. Dave made our transition to a whole new management software seamless and easy. Working with Dave is a pleasure and he is always there for us. We have nothing but the utmost respect and confidence in Dave. It is also nice that he only works with dentists and thus is solely focused on the business of dentistry and the needs of the dentist as the individual.

Lindsay Crawford (Office Manager) & Paul Johnson, DDS

Dave has excellent attention-to-detail and provides prompt and knowledgable responses to any question. He's highly engaged and organized. Dave provides excellent service for a great price and is worth every penny!

Courtney Naten, DDS

Dave is absolutely wonderful, hard working and always there when you need him. He will return your phone call, email or text within minutes or hours! Dave has great communication and understanding, and is very thorough. He will go above and beyond to answer any questions you have or complete the task at hand and look into anything else that will benefit his clients. I highly recommend Dave and all that he offers.

Sevan Yergatian, DDS

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