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We're not another bill; we add value to your business. Our net zero billing goal is for our low fees to be far-exceeded by our our replaced services & tax-saving strategies!
You should focus your time on dentistrynot on your books. The goal of the CPA should be to enable you to take control of your business and your time.
Your books should remain up-to-date and accessible. Your CPA should keep you informed of business performance at all times.
Tax planning should occur year-round and be proactively-initiated by your CPA. You should never be surprised by a tax bill in April.
Your role in the books should be low maintenance & low stress. You should have answers to your questions when you need them, without wasting your time.
Your CPA should be personally involved in all aspects of your business: from payroll to bookkeeping. It's the only way to stay informed!


Utilize a single provider for your bookkeeping, payroll, accounting, tax returns, and tax planning. Get unified guidance while paying less!
Each deposit and expense is viewed through the lens of tax planning. We can accomplish this only because we keep your books continuously updated. Other CPAs can't do this because they're unfamiliar with your latest numbers.
Tax planning happens daily, and you receive proactive guidance throughout the year instead of when it's too late to make any changes.
You get unlimited support, without hourly bills. You have a fixed, upfront price for everything that you need. You receive better service for less!
You never have to go through a receptionist to contact your CPA. Instead, you have direct access and have guaranteed quick response to your questions.
Instead of being just another client at a large firm, Integrated Accounting Solutions only maintains a small number of clients to allow sufficient time for everyone.
Your CPA remains knowledgeable of your daily business activity to provide the best tailored advice for your practice.
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